Why it is critical to book caterers in advance for your Thai catering needs


The most important, vital aspect demanding attention is the selection of a caterer when planning an event, be it a wedding, corporate gathering, or any other function.

For a well-organized event, a good caterer is an essential key element. While you’re into Thai cuisine, famous for its delicious experience and intense flavors, it is all the more important to get an excellent Thai caterer—most preferably in advance. In this blog, we explore the pros of booking your caterers in advance and why it can make a world of difference in your event planning process.

  • Availability and Choice:

One important reason for this is that you will have an increased chance of getting the exact date and time with a Thai caterer. Most superior caterers are full most of the time, especially during peak seasons. When you book early, your event becomes a priority in their books.

That is to say, it allows you to elaborate fully on the desire for specific menus and special requests at the menu level, thus giving the caterer plenty of time to source fresh ingredients and create a truly unique dining experience.

  • Custom Menu Planning:

What stands out in the Thai menu are aromatic herbs, vibrant spices, and fresh ingredients that leave a rich, deep flavor. Booking a Thai caterer in advance even offers to personalize a set of menus, taking the preferences and dietary requirements of your guests into consideration. That way, the caterer can lead you into a culinary adventure by the theme and ambiance of your event.

  • Seamless Event Coordination:

Timely booking of a caterer will synchronize work harmoniously with your event planner for flawless execution. Timely communication ensures proper logistics by every stakeholder—from food presentation to setting up the venue and catering to the guests. This coordination plays a significant role in providing memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Budget Considerations:

Going for Thai caterers in advance ensures a hassle-free and budget-friendly event. Making advance plans with caterers usually yields early bird packages and customized services, offering much more value for your investment. Moreover, this is when both of you have all the time to sit down and discuss your requirements so that pricing is accurate and competitive.

  • Last-Minute Stress Avoidance:

Last-minute event planning is highly stressful and may lead to compromising your choice of caterers. Early booking will remove the pressure of finding the caterer at the last minute. You can then take some time off the unnecessary pressure and work on other essential aspects of event planning with a clear mind. This peace of mind inherently contributes to a more enjoyable event experience for you and your guests. Conclusion: For that matter, preparation is always a key to the successful conduct of an event, and the same is no less accurate in the case of a Thai caterer. With everything from custom menu planning to smooth operation of executing the event, innumerable benefits are related to booking the Thai caterer well in advance. Having invested that effort in the selection of your caterer, you can be reassured that your function is a success—with savory tastes, seamless service, and an overall dining experience that leaves a lasting impression with all your guests.

Catering Services and prices

Quick Service Guarantee proven results 5 Guests per minute 300 per hour 

Events Private Parties and Weddings     

Catering menus starting from £13 per head. We can cater for parties of up to 300 guests. A hiring contract will be issued for our products and services. All quotes are bespoke, available for 24 hours only and subject to the number of guests, products and quantity of food prepared and cooked and location of the event. Our hiring is for two hours only during the event. Call out charges outside the coverage area are applicable.

Easy Peasy £13 per head 

Set menu with a fixed price per guest for mains dishes only. Recommended for large parties of more than 100 guests.

The King’s choice  £23 per guest 

Thai tapas are small plates of flavorful, spicy, and authentic Thai dishes served in a communal setting, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Choose 2 starters, 1 main  and they will be multiplied by the number of guests.

 Easy Peasy Food truck catering  from £13 per guest T&C applies. Special packages available for over 100 guests.

Prices start from £13  per guest main dish only. Eco friendly containers and cutlery included.

The Queen’s choice Buffet style catering from £16  with cutlery and plates included

Food will be freshly cooked on or off site and left in the warm buffet chafing dish trays where it can be kept at 65 C for 3 hours. Any main dish of your choice and prawn crackers included.


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